After reading my pretentious greeting you might guess that I am a novice writer, and you would be write! (sic) My aspiration is to, someday, become a screenwriter for TV or film. Right now I’m still learning the craft and figuring out my own voice. But I’ve studied the books, read the blogs, and listened to the podcasts on writing, and I think I’m ready to give it a try.

This April I will be attempting Script Frenzy for the first time, and I will be blogging about it the whole way. You can check out my Script Frenzy profile to see my official progress. I’ll do my very best to post daily updates on my progress as well as the struggles I face while attempting this project. I have a lot on my plate this month, but I’ve come to realize that there is always going to be an excuse not to do this. The best thing I can do is jump in with both feet and hope for the best. It’s not going to be easy, but the things worth doing never are.

Good luck, fellow Screnziers!


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